From 2bsisters To Evolutionary Transcendence

In 2012, three sisters, Shannon, Anna and Dani founded 2bSisters to advocate for victims of domestic violence and abuse. As survivors of abuse and violence, the founders have had the opportunity to consider what it means to be victims from the inside out. Experience, education, and observation revealed a startling conclusion. Domestic violence and abuse are only symptoms of a deeper problem, not the problem itself. Worse, the dynamic (symptom) is not specific to romantic relationships. It can be found in ANY relationship including workplace, family, friendships, acquaintance, religious or any other interaction that includes another person.

The founders finally understood why so many private and government programs were failing victims. They can now explain why counselors, therapists, psychologists and the system as a whole, fail victims. The root problem is rarely, if ever, identified at a deep and healing level. Logically, most of these entities agree that if the abuser is removed, the victim will heal from the abuse, problem solved. Yet, more often than not victims are sent back into repeat patterns with no more promise of truly healing than the abusers who exploit them. So what is the REAL problem?

Compatibility of a victim with an abuser.

What is it that makes a victim compatible? The one thing that all victims and abusers have in common, no matter how diverse the cultural or economic background, is fear. More specifically, fear based thinking. Abusive people fear they will not get their needs met without being controlling and/or violent. Victims fear they won’t get their needs met unless they submit to the demands and/or violence of the person they aligned themselves with. It is a perfect match with a simple fix. Change one’s thinking to be incompatible with abusive and exploitive people.

Empowerment is incompatible with abuse and exploitation.

From this simple understanding a new website surfaced. 2bSisters matured into a forum devoted to developing and supporting empowered thinking. If abusive and controlling people need a supply of fear based thinkers, then the solution is to cut off the supply. Transcend fear in favor of an independent and empowered society. Evolve.

2bSisters has emerged Evolutionary Transcendence
The Human Experience

Evolutionary Transcendence seeks to embrace the Human Experience as a whole. Fear holds no bias towards gender, race, economic level, social status or culture. Nor does Empowerment. Yet, empowerment is more powerful, protective, productive and healing. It inspires creativity and fortifies while supporting independence and freedom. Empowered thinking finds peaceful solutions. It motivates compassionate responsibility towards the environment. Empowered thinking nurtures loving interaction with our fellow human beings.

The founders of Evolutionary Transcendence do not seek to change the world. Rather, they seek personal evolution. Their contribution to the global fabric of society is to be the change they wish to see in the world. You are invited to share your personal evolution with us. As we individually grow, sharing our experiences, we band together in a common cause…to be the change…until the world is changed.