Do You Really know Yourself? True Being

Self-empowerment. It can be tricky evolution. A commonality that many of us share with victims of abuse and violence is the need to define ourselves from the outside in. This is a hollow and unstable process. The more we learn how to heal ourselves from the inside out, define ourselves from the inside out, the stronger and more stable we become as individuals. This is stability becomes strong enough to withstand the outside pressures of opinion and control…as such, we are less vulnerable to be abused and exploited as individuals.

Just like every exercise routine is not for everyone, the same can be said about spiritual exercise. If you are looking to for a technique to strengthen your inner self, this may be a good fit for you.

NR Wishart Healing

True Being

How well do you really know yourself? It’s a good question isn’t it. I want to try to keep this post simple. As an individual we could really get into this subject and this theme alone could potentially keep someone going for a whole lifetime. Because after all, how many people do you know in your life that actually do know themselves properly? To the point they have realised, and action in every moment of every day their full potential? I know that I am not at that level at this stage in my life. Although i have reached a level of being able to stand in my highest awareness that i can achieve in any moment at Will. I have been using a technique which I discovered through my own trials which helps with me attaining sustained awareness and what I call, True Being more and more…

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