Women Should Get Rape Insurance?

In our current social climate it is so unfortunate that victims are too often re-victimized through the lack of education of our judicial, political, and social system. Georgia Platts points yet another thoughtless and uniformed proposal that, women in general, should now be purchase separate abortion insurance. This is not a misprint.


When women are raped the emotional fallout can be great. My brother had a girlfriend who had been date raped. On occasion she would suddenly begin crying because of this. Sexual dysfunction is common, with sex drive evaporating. One man I know of said a woman went numb when he initiated sex after weeks of dating. When he talked to her about it, she said she had been raped, and now leaves her body, mentally and emotionally, whenever sexual encounters arise. Many become anxious or depressed. Some experience posttraumatic stress disorder.

No wonder rape is the crime women most fear, other than murder. We plan our days and activities around it, we avoid going out alone at night, we consider the safest route, we get a friend to join us, we avoid strange men. The list goes on.

Now Kansas state Rep., Peter DeGraaf expects us to add one moreā€¦

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