Revelations: Time to Shine

imagesTo All Of Our Followers,

2bSisters would like to thank all of our followers and interested parties for being a part of our evolution. So far, it has been an exciting and inspiring journey. We are thrilled to help shine a light on a subject that has had an obscure understanding at best. For as many cases and encounters that exist, both reported and unreported, it is stunning at how little we understand about Domestic Abuse and Violence as a society. We have yet to emphasize how profoundly it effects our social and economic fabric. We will continue refining our site for easier access to information, adding new voices to the cause, and inspiring empowered thinking.

2bSisters  promises to acknowledge the aching realities of Domestic Violence and Abuse. Victims can often times feel invisible and invalidated. We promise to give voice to their plight in an effort to help bridge the communication gap. This is important if we are going to be able to support each other in the healing process. I say “we” because we are in this together, victims and advocates alike. We are in this together as a society. We can help facilitate the journey back to a sense of well being and reunite friends and families. Together we can create healthier communities.


We do this by sharing our stories. We do this by connecting with each other proving to victims, survivors, friends, and families they are not alone.  2bSisters passionately strives to connect the problem to the solutions.  Our task is to bring effective resources to our site; knowledgeable therapists, experts in the field, advocates, and activists who want to effect change. This is the path we are taking to contribute to a better future.

Again, thank you for your support as we work each day at meeting that promise. We thank you for lending your voice to our volume. We look forward to adding more voices until the decibel can neither be ignored nor drowned out.  This is a significant human rights issue that has earned our full attention.

Spread the word!

All of our love,



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