Big news for 2bSisters!!!

Tamara Bess LMFT

Tamara Bess LMFT

What’s New At Our Blog?

There is news and then there is NEWS. This my dear readers, is NEWS. 2bSisters is proud to announce a featured writer to the blog. I hope that you find her as amazing as we do. She has a unique ability to relate to victims, survivors, thrivers, family, and friends. She is a therapist from the Los Angeles area that specializes in trauma and has a focus on Domestic Violence and Abuse. Please help us welcome:

Tamara Bess LMFT

As a featured writer she will add much needed professional insight, motivation, and hope for those that are at any stage of their journey. She will also be able to help friends and family be able to relate to a difficult to understand mind set through story and experience.

It takes one to know one. That couldn’t hold more true in Tamara’s case. She has the uncommon ability to see clearly the victims perspective because she was once a victim too. Yes, victims can come from all walks of life. In the process of finding empowerment and healing she is bringing her skill set to the table for a powerful impact. Tamara is long time thriver willing to impart her wisdom and professional tools to help victims understand their circumstances, heal, and rejoin society in a productive and meaningful way. More importantly, she will be able to help victims reconnect with themselves and their loved ones.

2bSisters will be officially welcoming Tamara to our website in the very near future. This will be an exciting partnership because everyone who is interested in helping or healing will be able to access her knowledge and experience in a more beneficial, interactive, dynamic, and constructive way.

You will undoubtedly find Tamara as informative and inspirational as we do.


This current featured writer deserves a standing ovation!

Coming Soon To Our Official Website:

Tamara Bess LMFT


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