Connections: What Is Your Butterfly Effect?

butterfly_on_finger_with_boy_in_backgroundWhat will the effects of your choices today have on tomorrow?

This is addressed to both survivors and victims. We never know the effects we have on others living in Domestic Violence and Abuse until we have the courage to get out. Then, in hind sight, we are better able to get an idea. For survivors, my heart and prayers go out to you for having the courage to face all of your barriers, bust through, and make a difference in not only your own life…but in the lives of others. You are a wonderful example for those still trapped behind the walls of illusion.

I heard this song the other day and it made me think of all the lives we touch just living our own life. Often times we feel that perhaps we aren’t much of an example for anyone as we try to muddle through our own lives. What an awesome responsibility it is when we realize that by simply living our lives with courage we can touch so many others. The truth is, we can never really know who’s life we are touching and how they then pay it forward.

Take a minute and watch the official video for Jake Miller’s A Million Lives.

So many of us want to make a positive difference in this lifetime. We want to know that we contributed. How do we do that? We struggle with overcommitted schedules, self-esteem, and just not knowing where we are needed most. Profoundly, making a difference doesn’t require scheduling anything in or knowing where we are needed most. All that is needed is our commintment to do the best that we can with each day that we are given.

There have been quite a few times during this process of healing and learning to live again that I have felt overwhelmed. I have felt like I have no idea what I am doing other than I don’t ever want to hurt the way did in an unhealthy relationship. I don’t want to be a bad example for my children. I try to make choices everyday that help me achieve those goals. Some days that is the best that I can do. Right about the time that I am not sure if I am making a difference in my own life, I come across a victim who has been following my journey and tells me that my struggle gives her hope. That hope is that someday she will have the courage to make similar choices for herself and children. Wow.

Nothing like the reality check of  someone showing gratitude to remind me to be grateful for how far I have come. I am making a positive difference by example. Reciprocity. We save each other and give each other fortitude at some of our weakest moments. Jake did a great job of illustrating this concept as a punctuation to his song.

If you have a dream…follow it. If you feel the urge to commit an act of kindness…do it. If you are ready to make a positive change in your life…manifest it. You never know who is watching. You never know what your actions are going to mean to them. By being positive, you spread positive. By being brave, you give strength. By showing backbone in the face of insecurity and doubt…you inspire courage.

You are the difference you want to see. You are the change you wish to make.


Now live it!


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