Suppport: Spritual: Happenstance? Or By Design?

971610_469733113103025_1495562973_n“Everything for a reason…”

How many times have we heard or said this accompanied by a sigh? I found for myself, in the past, I use this perspective as a way of coping with something negative that I feel has happened to me. It’s a panacea for chinning up. Curiously, it never quite satisfies after I shake it off the undesired moment. Then there were the times where I said it out of resolution. Again, born of a negative circumstance. This lovely little cliche gave me the strength to plant my feet and power forward.

On the flip side, I have said it trailing a positive experience too. Often times this was due to my surprise that an unexpected event has worked out in my favor. Wow, everything IS for a reason. In this context the statement becomes an asset instead of a coping mechanism or needed motivation to work through the burn of life because, eventually, there will be a reward for my dedication to life’s little exercises. The reward being a confirmation that I am learning and gaining positive experiences from the process. I like the more affirming context. It feels better.

So I thought about it. How do I keep “everything for reason” in a positive light even when it follows a negative experience? Then hit me! What if I am not having a negative experience? What if a “negative” experience is really just an opportunity to learn? What if all I am doing in this lifetime is learning and experiencing feedback that I am moving in a direction that brings me harmony and prosperity?

socialize-blusher-seduction_egquThere is something else to consider. Are events that occur in my life and the people I meet random or by design? If I’m approaching life as a series of opportunities to learn and affirming moments, then perhaps it is more design than happenstance. Maybe I am weaving a unique story everyday that can be as personally fulfilling as it is a chance to connect with others in a positive way. If I am viewing my daily interactions with others as if they are my teachers, one way or another, then it is all positive. As their student I would always want to pay my education forward to others as a good exchange. I would hope that I have gained wisdom that touches others in a helpful way. I would hope that my daily interactions, no matter how seemingly negative or insignificant, are moving me one step closer to my personal goals.

There is great meaning for me in that last sentence. For me it is another clue that design is behind my daily interchanges rather than happenstance. If life is conspiring to teach me what I need to know so that I can reach my goals, then there is no accident behind meeting the people I do or having the life experiences that I have. It supports a rumor going around that “life does not happen to us, it responds to us”.

kaleidoscope-590x442What a beautiful kaleidoscope of texture this adds to my life. From my vantage point, it allows me to believe that I have control over my personal design based on the choices I make. At the same time I am allowed to be filled with surprise and wonder as I watch unexpected responses bloom in directions I would have never imagined.

Delight in you personal design!


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