Connections: The Power of U2

IMG_20130530_194514U2…Still Touching Lives through L.A. Vation

“We’re going to go see who?”

“Basically, U2 honey.”

“Who are they?”

On that note I made all three of my children sit on the sofa while we went through a quick history of about 5 songs by U2. I considered them familiarized with the Irish band. Then it was a flurry of backpacks and shoes. Bam! Out the door to school.

IMG_20130530_193151By the time late afternoon/early evening set in errands were threatening our attendance at the concert. The oldest offered to divide and conquer. “Leave Ferdi with me, you and Holly go finish up and I will do the dishes.” I almost cried tears of joy and disbelief. Is it possible after all of these years U2 is STILL bring peace, love, joy, and dish doing to the masses? I can attest to you they touched our home. Errands put me behind for making dinner but it was no matter, the kids were on it. We were really pushing getting out of the door early enough to catch the first song but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. There is no greater joy for this parent than to see my children excited and working together to clean-up and get out the door. It is a rare and beautiful thing, especially when there is a friend thrown into the mix. Zoom zoom. We were off.

20130530_203020_edit0_edit0A quick stop at Circle K for slushies and we were bound for the park. Again, with great efficiency, the kids worked together to pop out of the car, grab the blanket, and set out to find the perfect vantage point. By the time I had crested the stadium composed knoll I could see the kids collaborating in the front row to smooth their seat. All the while Ferdi was running donuts in the spacious green grass, happy as a 3yr old can be. Bliss for this single mom.

Then it started. The crowd went crazy as “Bono” stepped out on stage and LA Vation, a U2 tribute band from Los Angeles, took the audience through a couple of decades of great music and memories.

“Mom! I totally told my friends about this!” Kait’s face was full of triumph and enthusiasm.

“About the concert?”

“About U2. Like, NOBODY knew who they were at school. I told them about what some of the songs were about and they were like ‘cool!’. This is so much fun. Can I Instagram after?”

20130530_205827_edit0Sometimes I get frustrated with technology and long for the days that forced us to slow down for lack of ability to speed up. On nights like this, when we were able to take pictures, post as we go, share with family and friends in real time, and connect instantly I am okay with our modern conveniences. A collision of the past and present, the heart felt expression of the human condition coupled with modern technology, created an evening of magic. Is there anything more powerful than sharing moments with my children that create a common interest? That we are both equally as enthusiastic about? That we will be able to reminisce over for years to come? I think NOT!

Thank you L.A. Vation for bringing my family closer in just a few hours. Thank you for giving us the beautiful memory of a night singing and dancing to replace memories of hiding in fear and being disconnected from each other. You rocked our world!


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