Connections: Snoop Lion?

Some of the most interesting people are having a personal evolution these days. When a Dogg evolves it apparently turns into a Lion. Well, thank goodness for that. We could use a few lions.

For the last couple of weeks No Guns Allowed has been playing in a loop on our computer. The song speaks to my girls as much as it speaks to me . For their  part it goes along with much of the anti bullying campaigns supported by their schools. I can get behind that. After all, that is the root. Take all of the window dressing away and Domestic Abuse/Violence is the endgame of the schoolyard bully.

What caught my attention were a couple of lines by Drake:

“Dedicate this to Shyanne and Josh
And pour sumthin’ out for the lives that they stole…”

I know that may enrage people. Why should these children receive any prayers or nods after such a heinous crime? The key word in this question is children. What is going on with our children that they feel so helpless and hurt that they can’t constructively cope? Why are they hurting so deeply they feel the need to lash out to get justice.

Rewind. Please take a moment to consider Snoops opening words:

Money makes a man and that’s a crime
If we all were rich, we’d spend more time
With our daughters and sons, they’re losing their minds

I am going to error on the side of optimism and say that is a true statement. If so many parents weren’t busy running around trying to survive, get from A to B, pay the rent, and keep food on the table, would we be spending more time with our children? Would they feel more love and security? Would they feel that they had an audible voice? Would they be better able to ask for what the need instead of take it? Would they learn to cry, rage, and scream constructively instead of with weapons?

I would like to think so.

IMG_20130420_113933_edit0                 20130420_112126_edit0

As a single parent I am faced with the dilemma of how to take care of my responsibilities and still spend time with my children. Giving them the attention the ask for requires creative solutions and the ability to see opportunities as they present themselves. 20130420_122410_edit0

This weekend was jammed full of deadlines. We had a bit of a family emergency this weekend that needed attending to. In that deviation from what was previously planned sprung opportunity. We were in LA and I decided to take the scenic route home. We cranked open the sun roof, turned up the music, and coasted on the PCH. I was so impressed with the quality of my 11 year old’s music program. She has made marked improvement in her vocal skills since September. We sang loud. I was able to witness the 9 year old’s sense of humor in full expression. I also learned that the 3 year old has a new favorite food, French Fries.

20130420_130244_edit0We hit the beach for about an hour. We rinsed off. Then packed up a new set of memories and headed home. Parents, lets show our children how to live. Show them how to enjoy life when money is short. Take time to connect. I defer to the words of the lion:

Me don’t want to see no more innocent blood she’d
Me don’t want to see no more youth dead
Come hear me now

Take time where you can, even if your in the middle of attending life’s little mishaps. Opportunities are everywhere. If we can do that, just a little at a time, perhaps when our children cry out it won’t be with guns, it will be with their voices. It shouldn’t take a bullet to crack off to get our attention. We can take back our jungles one lion at a time.


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