Support: Woman On Fire

20130416_140349-1_edit0_edit0This Woman Is on Fire

It was recently brought to my attention by more than one professional that I may want to consider a more accessible and approachable image. The argument being that the subject matter is often times sensitive. A softer image might allow for readers to feel more comfortable connecting. That is a reasonable argument. So I considered it. I even slept on it. Then I woke up, laced up my boots, and strapped on my flac jacket.

If this image is intimidating, strong, harsh, confident, or looks full of resolve…good. That is the point. There is nothing soft, gentle, accessible, or approachable about Domestic Abuse and Violence. It is a confusing and treacherous world. It is ugly, messy, and dangerous. Women are being torn down inside and out. Children are being abused,their bones broken, and their hearts crushed. Who do victims turn to? Who do survivors band with?

I am on a mission. This mission is not for the faint of heart. I am not healer. I am not a teacher. I am not a guru. I will however charge the way out of the jungles of obscurity to clear a path back to a life worth living. I will seek out the tools necessary for others to follow. I will find the healers and leave a a calling card. I will find the teachers that will help victims change their thinking so they can be independent and live healthy productive lives. I will band with advocates and fellow survivors to change the landscape of Domestic Abuse and Violence.

There is a misconception that the only victims are those who are in a direct romantic relationship with their abuser. The TRUTH is, victims extend far beyond those boundaries. They are the children neglected by their parent. They are brothers and sisters who have been alienated from their sibling. They are parents who have painfully stood by helplessly watching their child be seduced seduced into a world of destruction. They are the employers and co-workers that can no longer depend on their employees. It is a society strained financially to support the families living in abuse because these families are so wrecked they can barely survive.

Domestic Abuse and Violence is societies problem. It is its nature to destroy independence and take away freedom. It is an epidemic. I believe in human rights. I believe in freedom and independence. I believe in the right to quality of life, the right to raise up generations of children into adults free of violence.

2bSisters is a call to arms. For those who WANT out but do not know where to begin, I promise you, I will give you a starting point. For victims who’s voices have been smothered, I will be your voice until you find yours. For those who are too tired and weak from surviving, get behind me. I will move forward and stand strong for you until you are strong enough to stand tall again. To parents who have lost daughters and grandchildren to Domestic Violence, I will help clear a path home. To friends and neighbors who don’t know how to help, I will show you.

This is a war against those who seek to take what is not theirs to take. I am a woman on FIRE. I am here to help burn down the factories of abuse.


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