From The Kitchen: Another New Catagory


Sisters Serving It Up Healthy

One of the many challenges that a victim has is maintaining their health. If they choose to leave their domestic violence then rehabilitating physically can be a long road too. Victims can develop eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, or binging in order to cope with the stress. Learning to eat healthy again can be challenging.

From The Kitchen will be tips and ideas on how to “rehabilitate” healthy eating habits. The bonus? Everyone can get something from it, not just the victims.

There was a time when I was over 200lbs. The trip down to 160 wasn’t too difficult with some minor tweaks and adding in light excercise. Then I platued and it was so very hard to eek past that 160. Right about the time I was about to face plant on the table in frustration, I stumbled onto the GM Diet. There is a dieting God! Everybody’s body being different this may not be the diet for you but, I personally went down a size every time I did it until I platued again at 130lb. Ideally I like to be between 130-125lb. I am told I should weigh 120lb but the reality is, I look like I should be holding a cardboard sign that reads, “Hungry, will work for food.” Or better still, “Hungry! Can’t you tell?!”

The diet is only 7 days long which makes it that much more endearing to me. 7 days? I can do that…I think. It’s not for everybody, but it works for me. Hopefully it will work for you. Even if the diet isn’t your cup of tea or diet Coke, the recommended dishes are compatible with a healthy lifestyle. If nothing else, they can be a point of inspiration.

My beautiful picture          20130409_101143-1

Me in 2010 at 160lbs                                                           Me in 2013 at 135lbs

Warm vs Cool colors aside, I can see the difference in the fullness of my face. It has been simple to keep my weight in check even if I just use the GM Diet as a loose guideline for my eating habits. No, it didn’t take 3yrs for me to get down to 135lb. The truth is, I was still in my abusive relationship in 2010. Within a few months of my abuser returning, my weight plummeted from a healthy 130-135 to something closer to 120.


A few days after this was taken I lost between 1/4 – 1/3 of my hair. I was brushing it and filled almost half of a grocery bag. My hair came out like it was never attached. I had bald spots the size of silver dollars. It was very difficult to hide that at work. I was unhealthy to the point of having dark circles which have been photo shopped out. I wasn’t processing vitamins well because of the stress and the lack of a healthy diet. The fuel we put in our bodies is important. It’s what helps to determine how well we process information, cope emotionally, as well physically take on the day.

I hope that everyone is able to get a little something From The Kitchen.


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