Anna’s Story – October 2009

October 2009
I saw my MD again. They increased the dosage on my medication and we discussed adding another. I was bothered by the fact that my symptoms had returned. This told me that what ever the problem was, the medication was just covering it up. Not repairing it. The out-of-pocket expense for the additional medication was over $400.00 a month. I simply could not justify paying that amount of money a month to cover up symptoms rather than repair the issue. Especially since my symptoms had gotten so bad I had to take care of “business” at every opportunity had that I felt “OK” because I never knew when that occasion was going to occur again. I got the impression from my husband (my in-laws as well) that they felt I wasn’t nearly as sick as I put on because I was still functioning normally keeping the house clean etc. To someone on the outside looking in, nothing looked wrong. Truth be told, I was barely hanging on by a thread. My mother in-law had been into holistic and naturopathic living ever since I could remember. Since she had lived with us and I became more educated in this area, the more it made sense to me. I did hours of research on the net regarding my symptoms. Everything kept pointing to a hormonal imbalance. I found a local naturopath that specialized in bioidentical hormone therapy. I booked an appointment.

At the same time, knowing that pursuing my medical ailments was going to cost, I had to find a way to generate some additional income to pay for the expenses. We were already strapped, my husband turned down every side job he was offered, and I was to stay at home with our son. Putting him in childcare for me to work full-time would have been a fruitless effort because my paycheck would go to pay for the childcare instead of medical expenses. My husbands attitude was that he worked hard and long all week, he did not want to work on the weekends or do any side jobs. Sounds reasonable enough. Previously when my in-laws had been living with us, I think I had researched every work at home opportunity there was out there from filling out surveys online to customer service through a company by the name of Alpine Access that hires people to work out of their home. Alpine would have been a good setup but you have to meet specific requirements for your home environment, computer, and internet connection. I fell short on the internet connection simply because I lived in remote area where the secure connection they required was not yet offered. At this point I really had to strap on my thinking cap to figure out what I could do from home, that would keep our son out of childcare, keep my operating expense low to none, allow me to make my own hours so I could fit in medical appointments, run our home, and be available to my husband.  So here enters my experience boarding dogs. The beginning of the end…………..


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