Anna’s Story – October 2008…..

October 2008……..
My husbands mother, was in the processing of divorcing his alcoholic stepfather that she had been with since my husband was a toddler (at that time we were 28 years old), and was experiencing some serious health challenges. When my husband explained to me the situation without any hesitation agreed that I would go to New Mexico, pack up his mom’s house, he would come up on a weekend, we would load up the Uhaul, and mover her to Arizona to live with us.

Now I’m not saying that my family had not jaded us in the past to people living at our house because we certainly felt on more than one occasion that we definitely had received the shorter end of the stick. His mom however, was no trouble at all at the house. She was very helpful and contributed to the household. It was nice having her. She and I went to Denver for a week to visit my husbands sisters and see their children. I was incredibly sick the entire trip. Chronic fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headaches, and foggy brain function. I was very emotional and wanted to go home early but stayed. To top it off, our son was teething and had a cold.

After returning to Az, his mom suggested that perhaps I needed to back on antidepressants since my hormones hadn’t rebalanced yet. I made an appointment to see my MD but ended up having such a bad day a few days before Thanksgiving that I took the next available. Also during that time, my husband’s stepfather came to our house at his lowest point promising to go to rehab who also wanted to stay with us. My husband did not want to allow this. He and I talked about it. Then we talked about it as a household with his mother. His mother and I persuaded him to at least give it a try. Far be it from me to deny someone the opportunity to genuinely improve their life. Things seemed to be going OK after I got adjusted to my meds. The medication seemed to help a lot with my symptoms and I was able to function again. Additionally my MD had tested me for hypoglycemia. So now I had to make sure I was eating and watch what and when I ate.

Now into the holiday season, his parents had been working on their relationship diligently. They had gone to counseling and his dad completed his intense outpatient rehab successfully. I have known my husband and his family since I was in junior high school and his dad had never looked better. I was very happy for his parents. They moved out and got their own place. We were still struggling financially. So enters my first attempt to pull a rabbit out of a hat…………….


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