Anna’s Story – Intro

I don’t remember how long it has been since the actual post of my page but, I have been a bit occupied the last 6 months in complete panic and survival mode. Life has been a game of Mario Kart. Your opponent can throw things in your path that you must duck and dodge, such as turtle shells and banana peels.  The only nice thing about Mario Kart, is that one can at least see the obstacles coming. But sometimes it seems like your opponent always has the upper hand making it impossible to dodge every turtle shell. For me, once I am hit, I get thrown off and disoriented. I am usually able to make a recovery, but when shell after shell after shell and a banana peel or three have been thrown at me, I can’t see them coming any more because I haven’t even completely recovered from the last blow. Yes. Mario Kart. Since March 2012 this has been my life.

The final hearing for my divorce was September 20, 2012. I, not being able to afford a lawyer, went up against my ex and his lawyer in Court. I have never been to a trial before; much less been in a courtroom. Having no working knowledge of how a “trial” works, I honestly almost didn’t even need to show up everything went so badly. How you ask? 50/50 parenting time, and alimony awarded to me doesn’t sound like a disaster…does it? I suppose not if you feel that the price of the invasion of your privacy, and having the image of you painted by your ex’s lawyer be anything farther from the “truth” is a triumph, then fine by you.  Not me.   My ex not only threw me under the bus but gave the driver instructions to back up. His attorney cornered me in on the stand. The judge became bias to this image that was projected. My claims to being domestically abused not only went ignored by the court but then belittled. If you think that is how a fair and just hearing should be then, Ok. But I would vehemently disagree. At least the worst is over right? WRONG! I then find out week before last, that my former employer, also abusive in nature (I see a theme in my life), whom I worked for diligently for a year running her business, was a key player in providing my ex with a helping hand. Last straw.

I have been fairly mum about my experiences of late. But ya know? I’m done suffering in silence. So scratch Lundy (if you have read my page you will understand that reference) for the moment, we will get to that book, but first in light of recent events, please do put on a pot of coffee / tea, pull up your comfiest chair, and get settled in because I am going to go back 5 years and bring you all up to speed………….


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