Jenn’s Story: Part VII


“He wasn’t divorced. They filed at one point. But both had stopped the proceedings. Apparently they had an “agreement”, he could do whatever he wanted until he got out of the Air Force.”

This was it. I couldn’t take any more. I had a friend in San Diego who had JUST informed me that he’d won the house in his divorce. Had an extra room for me. It was mine. All I needed to do was get down there. Hmmmm, now how do I do that?

“John” was helping his friend “Manny” run the base snack shop. This thing was successful as all hell. So successful, money hand over fist, that no one could keep a proper daily tally on the cash. “Manny” would skim, their female partner would as well. One day “Manny” told “John” that if “he ever needed cash, feel free.” So with our debts up to our nostrils due to beer being the priority (he drank 12-18pk a day, with a bottle to boot on the weekends), he started skimming the money, too.

So, I started skimming his wallet. Daily. The money would get sent to my father, whom would sock it away for me. By my departure on April 20th 2006, I had nearly $3,000. Didn’t take long, did it folks? He didn’t even notice, to give you an idea how much these people were embezzling.

By the beginning of April, we knew “John’s” enlistment would be up in July, and he was not re-enlisting by advice of his counsel. So I planted the seed that “we could start over in San Diego.” I would go to San Diego and start up an apartment or small house for us, and when he got out he could join me. He thought this was perfect. So, we made the plans.

He paid for my U-Haul rental trailer, and another vehicle. A barely working Blazer, but it’d be enough to get me south. I was given gas money as well. I went to my father’s collected the rest of my things (as well as my near $3k), went back to “John’s” & put the rest into the trailer. Stayed the night, and left the next morning just after he went to work. I conveniently “forgot” to leave the address of my friend’s house that I was going to be staying at.

I told you I’d leave, didn’t I asshole??

I was finally out. Free. I think I cried almost the entire 10 hour drive back to San Diego (this is where I am from people.) I was supposed to meet up with one of my online poker buddies for a cup of coffee in L.A., I called once, he didn’t answer. I didn’t try too hard beyond that. I know, shame on me. He was an AWESOME friend. He’d never even met me, and yet he helped keep my mind clear and straight through all of this. Via chat. While we tried to beat the crap out of one another in poker. My mistake. But I was in no condition to make any sort of impression other than “look at poor pitiful me, I’ve been crying from relief for the past 8 hours.” I was a mess. We lost touch for some time. But have since found one another again, and our friendship remains. We’ve still never had that cup of coffee. And I’ve still never been able to convey to him properly of how much his friendship meant to me, and how he quite possibly saved my life.

Again, I was free. By the time I arrived in San Diego, I nearly collapsed from relief. It was over. My tormentor was out of my life. So I’d thought. My hell wasn’t over. It’d just taken yet another crazy turn.

I spent from April 20th 2006-October 2010 being cyber stalked by “John.” He’d never let more than 90 days go by without sending an IM or email. There were points he set up a Craig’sList ad with complete sexual vulgarity and the phone number to contact me. Luckily, he used MY email address for confirmation, it never posted. He had created a MySpace profile in my name. I received IMs and emails from him that went from crazy to absolutely bizarre.

The messages would be “I miss you”, “I love you”, “you were right, you were the best thing to ever happen in my life, is there ever another chance for us?” As well as “you trailer trash piece of shit”, “you’re worth nothing”, calling me a “druggie” (of which I never ever never touched, got near, or even thought about in our duration. Did I ever do them? Yes, WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER!! Nearly 20yrs before we even met.) His messages ranged from his version of sweet, to the normal monster he was. I’ve saved every single one. From him and his crazy wife. Ha ha, yes folks, I said wife. Guess I forgot about that part of the story.

He wasn’t divorced. They filed at one point. But both had stopped the proceedings. Apparently they had an “agreement”, he could do whatever he wanted until he got out of the Air Force. Then he came home and they picked back up where they left off. Yeah. I was definitely residing in the Land of Bizarro.

I had received calls from her during the investigation and Court’s Martial (not to mention the dozens of other times we spoke on the phone) but during that….she’d stated to me that she “knew he was guilty, to just let him ride this out, they’ll find him innocent.” Whaaaat?


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