Jenn’s Story: Part V

Back to our “monster.”

During the summer of 2005, his other son “Steven” came to stay with us for a short period. His friend was visiting from Japan, as well. Both had turned out to be a nightmare. “Steven” was miserable without his mother, and proceeded to make us miserable at every given opportunity. And his friend “Brian” was starting to see a side of “John” he hadn’t known. See, one night “John” tried to pimp me out to “Brian.” Saying they shared everything when they were in Misawa, Japan. “Brian” didn’t like this idea, either. He tried for hours to rationalize with a drunken “John.”

I was sitting on the back porch with “John” & “Brian”, smoking. “John” was unusually wasted (saying a lot since he was wasted every day.) He grabbed me by my arm and told “Brian” he’d be right back. When we got into the bedroom, I saw a new side of him. I was ordered to “get naked and be waiting willing on the bed to fuck ‘Brian’ when he sent him in.” I protested, vehemently. I even went back out with them on the porch in defiance. I was told immediately to “shut up and do what I was told.” When I tried to say something, he said “get in the room now, or you’re gone.”

I went to the room. I sat on the bed, dressed. Listening to “Brian” trying to reason with “John.” I was being called “trailer trash” & “whore” and he said “go in there man, I’m telling you it’s the best fuck you’ll ever have.”

Luckily, the alcohol, warm breeze and dark porch won out. He got tired, they called it a nite. When “John” came into the room, he was angry with me for disobeying. I was then raped anally by “John.”

After a few days, everyone returned back to their prospective homes. I never saw “Brian” or “Steven” again.

The next few months, I dealt with threats that he was going to pimp me out to his friends around the base. That I would “shut up and do what I was told and like it.”

He made me sell my Camaro because she had a “temper.” Anyone knowing an 80′s Camaro will know that sometimes you have to coax her to start by laying a really good smack to the starter box on the under side of the engine. He called my car a “lawn ornament”, “a piece of shit”, and I was told to “get rid of it or he’d have it thrown off base.”

The base guards had talked me into getting my guard card and gun license. I could go from minimum wage to $20/hr. I saw ample opportunity to not only get a good job skill, but plenty of money to escape. So I did. Took a week off of work, took my paycheck to class and got certified.

Got denied that job because of the ongoing investigation to “John.”



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