Day 222/730: Connections

A family that goes to school together…stays together

…Or at least we all do homework together. School ended for me on August 8th. It will begin for the 8 and 10 year old on August 27th. They are both very excited. I am not. It means a truck load of redundant paperwork. Why can’t we just Smart Phone their info? It’s the same as it was last year. Pick a day, shove us in the cafeteria, scan us, release us. Simple.

On the other hand they are happy. They are occupied. They are actually tired by 8pm, right about the time I am ready to collapse too, but can’t. Last year we all enjoyed doing homework together while the 2yr old played with his cars on the floor. It is one of the rare times the girls didn’t complain about me doing homework as they are equally as preoccupied. This year will be much of the same since I go back to school the first week in September.

Holly and I get to wear whatever we want. Kait, on the other hand gets to wear a uniform.

I would like to take a moment to address the uniform. My children go to a public school. They do not go to a private school. If they went to private schools, I would then have the choice to enroll them with the understanding that they must wear a uniform. I do not have a choice when it comes to public school. It is the law that they attend. It pisses me off they don’t have a choice to be opted out. Here is why.

When they were in grade school I used the uniform “opt out” as an incentive tool keep their grades up and teach them a life lesson. I told them, “If you keep your grades up I will opt you out. The moment they drop, you will have to join the rest of your classmates and wear a uniform.” They loved it. They kept their grades up because they didn’t want to have to wear boring clothes like everyone else…though once in a while they did by choice. Usually it was on spirit day or some equivalent.

The life lesson: You you do well in life and make good choices that move you forward and improve your life, you get to have more choices. If you make poor choices you get to join the masses, and to some degree lose your individual identity, and there by limit your choices. You become more of a sheep than a Shepard.

Maybe I think that way because I go to an art school. It could be because my mom is a bit of a gypsy. It is probably because I have loved freedom and individuality my whole life and feel that everyone should have the choice to explore it while their  minds are still open enough to do it. Perhaps I should rethink my Smart Phone concept.


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