Day 189/730: Connections

Happy Campers!!

“That’s an RV?!”, our faces were as in shock, eyes as big as an owl’s. My kids and I pulled into our campground around 8pm on a Friday night. We were loosing light fast so our full focus was on setting our tent up. Check that. The full focus of the 8 and 10 year old girls was getting the tent up. All I did was help spread the base out and stake it down. After that, it was all them. And the did it! The were so proud of setting up our eight man Colman tent. That thing is a mansion inside. It was popped up in 15min, as promised, and we were settled in 20min after that. Hardly enough time to notice the monstrosity parked in the site next to us.

The weekend of June 29th was spent camping in San Clemente / San Onofre. When we woke the next morning and headed off to the restrooms, we were able to see the full effect of the giant bunker on wheels next to us. Shock and awe folks! The owners were gracious about letting us take pictures and letting the girls climb on it. After that, it was time to start our weekend.

Of course the beach was the first order of business. Scratch that. Starbucks and the donut shop were the first order of business. From the passanger seat I could hear the 10 year old chime, “The clouds parted, and the sun shone down…laaaaaaa…Starbucks.” Indeed, just across the intersection was a Starbucks. So we stopped. No, she did not get to have coffee. That is my poison. They did however, get to eat the srumdeliosious donuts from the local shop just across the way and suck down their non-coffee drinks. Heaven.

Then it was the beach. We found Califia, a state beach. Here is a cool little diddy about camping. When one pulls into their campground they are given a small slip of paper to post in their window. This little innocuous paper is the golden pass. We didn’t have to pay for one beach we stopped at, which could climb all the way up to the $15 range for day use. With something that useful I hardly noticed all of the sand in my car.

The kids spent all of Saturday afternoon frolicking and playing in the waves. Ferdi, the two year old, stayed with Mama and the shore splashing in the ankle deep aftermath of the waves. He learned how to scoop out sand crabs, letting them tickle his hands as they scrambled for the depths of shore. He rolled and tumbled. He held hands with his sisters and jumped in the foam.

Even if I had only had the time for one night, it would have been worth it. Camping independently with my children was absolutely worth every second that passed shoving my homework further and further behind. The rush of life stopped for a moment, suspended by the joy of watching my children entertain themselves by exploring the world around them. Thankfully I was smart enough to take two nights…

…to be continued….


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