Day 150/730: Happy Father’s Day


All of my love and appreciation goes out to the real men, the fathers that are raising their children to have respect for human rights. Disrespecting someone is not religated to one gender or the other. It is not about men taking advantage of women or women berating their men. It is about right to life. It is about right to quality of life. It all boils down to human rights…something we can all get behind.

So, I applaud all of the fathers who are tirelessly doing their part to contribute to the cause. As women, wives, and mothers we truly appreciate it. Whether you are putting in the long hours, dear sir, as the homemaker, bringing home the bacon then helping to fry it up, or splitting the duties right down the middle…every one of your actions contribute to raising a generation of loving, considerate, and contributing citizens. This is the greatest honor to life and we as a society can’t thank you enough. Til next year…fight the good fight…we are right behind you…


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