Day 148/730: Memory Lane

Just Keep Floating


Every once in a while I get a wild hair, and a few more silver ones, and take a trip down memory lane so my kids can enjoy the scenery. There is a lot of it. We have toured the 70’s with mom’s favorite pair of polyester turquoise blue pants, pleated skirts, Holly Hobby socks, and The Electric Company. We got our British on with many of the bands of the 80’s, electric colors, and my 10yr old sports an array of bangely¬† bracelets daily.

Yesterday I was inspired to share some 90’s music with them. For no particular reason I feel as if I was in a coma during the 90’s and can’t seem to remember too much that made an impact. Still, as we perused YouTube in search of music mom used to listen to, we found a few that helped me to recall the more lucid moments of the 90’s. Enjoy PM Dawn.

This song and video reminded me of salt air and a thick morning mist coming off of the ocean…walking in flip flops or bare feet…feeling free…flying as only a youth can with no real responsibilities. What do you remember?


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