Day 139/730: Transition

Over Medicating Is No Bueno

A quick word about over medicating which I will expand on at a later date. It bites. I am not sure which is worse having a migraine or taking too much of the wrong medication to get some semblence of control over it. Although my head no longer hurts like a railroad tie has been driven through the base of my neck, through my skull, and out over my right eyebrow, my neck is now stiff and I feel as if a small creature is trying to claw its way out of my stomach.

I had a PTSD morning. That bit too. By the time the event that triggered an episode was over I realized that I had been holding my breath and contracting my shoulders for almost 15min straight (OK the breath holding is somewhat figurative…roll with it). When I relaxed enough to realize what I had done, I went into a very different sort of panic. I rifled through my purse hoping to at least find some Excedrin until I could get home to my prescription. No such luck.

By the time I got home my eyesight was patchy and my head felt like it had just been through a full contact sporting event. Here is the problem. After the migraine has set in the prescription is no longer effective. No point in taking it. I would simply be wasting a pill. All that is left is an OTC which is the equivalent to stopping a freight train with the palm of my hand. Unless I suddenly gain powers from a yellow sun…it’s useless.

Dear Scientists, a plea from a simple human…if we can put men on the moon…or at least get them into space…could you please find an effective cure for migraines?

Thank You,



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