Day 138/730: Family Connection

Feel The Burn, Love The Burn

One of the greatest joys about being single right now is relishing the time I get to spend with my children. We truly delight in each others company. I have the opportunity to see them not through the eyes of an overly-exhausted and emotionally raw mother, but rather, the eyes of a woman who marvels at their capacity to be amazed by life’s simplest and silliest things. It’s invigorating. Thank goodness for that because last night my girls and I got together to take a run at Billy Blanks Tae Bo.

Say what you will but, if you are doing the exercises correctly, that crap hurts!!! I am not the only one who thinks so. The mind and body of an 8yr old and 10yr old would agree. I am sure if someone were pressed up against the glass looking in (which would be creepy) they would have been entertained. Certainly the 2yr old perched on the sofa was captivated by the spectacle. None of us were in sync. Arms and legs were punching, slicing, and striking in no specific direction. All three of us were wincing and grimacing. Astonishingly, the girls were ready to give up 15min into the workout. “Mom, please, can we do yoga instead?”, they pleaded.

I can’t wait until they wake up. That will be my entertainment for the morning. As for myself, I feel like old weathered boards held together by a rusty nail. Ever try to pry something like that apart? It calls to mind the squeaking of the wood against the nail, the resistance of old wood, and just the plain rickety feeling that travels through ones hands. That sums up the way I feel this morning. It will be interesting to see if my girls walk around like 90yr olds this morning…of course they seem to do that work out or not.

The bottom line is…we were having fun. We were laughing at each other’s inability to keep up with unfamiliar moves. Giggles erupted looking at how serious our facial expressions were and how ridiculous our body movements were, jerks and misfires all over the place. We were a spastic mess of fun. These are the memories we are creating now so that we can sit around in the future regaling each other with stories of transition, connecting, and loving each other still.

Yoga?! Right, because this looks so much easier and less painful.


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