Day 131: Rehabilitation


Say what you will about working in the service industry, especially in connection to food, but my job is just perfect for me right now. My office is elegant, smells great everyday, my co-workers all actually work, management is competent AND supportive, and the owners are genuinely good people. I would induce bad Karma if I complained in any way about my job.

To illustrate just how generous the owners are, we are closing our store tonight at 7pm so that they may host dinner and a bit of fun after. Tonight is employee appreciation night. Yes, they appreciate the work we do.

It occurred to me the other day, this will be the first time I have been out in at least 2yrs without children, just for fun. One might think with the parade of holidays and weekends each year that I would have made it out for something…anything. But nope, nada. I have not been out to a friend’s house for dinner, double date with another couple, movies,…well anything. I am beside myself with excitement yet, a little tentative too.

I am not sure, exactly, how to have fun. I was governed by so many rules over the last 6yrs that it feels foreign to just relax and not worry about being on point with what I say and how I behave (lest there be consequences for forgetting myself). I feel like someone opened up the cage door and I am not sure if its OK to fly out or if I should just sit on my perch and know that the door is open. Crazy.

I will let you know if I spread my wings…or perch in familiarity…


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