AZ Abortion Law


Abortions has been a hot topic since the late 1970’s but, it looks like the Arizona politicians had a cup of stupid when they sent in the bill for banning abortions. Here is why, all women in the state of Arizona are pregnant 2 weeks before conception. Wait…what?!? Yep that’s right, you read the line correctly. All women in Arizona are pregnant 2 weeks before conception. Note to all men…congratulations your a daddy before you had your sex talk. According to a new law, the Orwellianly-named, “Women’s Health and Safety Act,” signed yesterday by Republican Governor Jan Brewer. The scientifically, medically, ethically, and intellectually dishonest legislation is designed to reduce the amount of time a woman is allowed to have a legal abortion, and is one of the most draconian bills to become law in America. We Arizonians can thank miss extremist Arizona State Rep. Kimberly Yee for suggesting such an erroneous bill. Yee wrote an op-ed titled “no drug test no welfare” last month that hedged this new bill. In the article it read;

“States have an obligation to hold those on public assistance accountable for their actions. Receiving a public benefit is a privilege, not a right. The debate on drug testing welfare recipients is simply about the responsible use of tax dollars.”

Ummm. can someone point out where in the U.S. constitution it states that the states “have an obligation to hold those on public assistance accountable for their actions.”

And to the rescue of opposing side is, Planned Parenthood of Arizona lobbyist Michelle Steinberg, who called the law the country’s ‘most extreme piece of anti-abortion legislation.

Michelle said, “the law defines pregnancy in a way that bans abortion two weeks before the other seven states with similar laws, because it calculates gestational age starting with the first day of the last menstrual period rather than the date of conception.”

During the hearings on the bill, doctors said many women don’t discover their fetus has a severe or life-threatening problem until an ultrasound at about the 20th week. The doctors — and several women who had faced this issue — testified that this law would arbitrarily cut off the right for these women to have an abortion.

“My heart goes out to the families that will be impacted,” Steinberg said. “Women are being forced to carry children that they know will end up dying within hours of birth.”

The bill signed into law Thursday makes other changes to abortion regulations, including the requirement of an ultrasound 24 hours before the procedure. The law becomes effective 90 days after the Legislature ends its session, which is likely to occur later this month.

Current law allows abortions up until the point of viability, when a fetus could reasonably survive on its own outside the womb. That’s considered by many medical experts and abortion clinics to be from 22 to 24 weeks. Current law also allows abortions beyond that to protect the “life or health of the woman” but doesn’t define health.

Whats even more horse-shit (excuse the language) is this will be most widely felt by medication abortions or even the day after pill. The nonsurgical abortions are usually done within the first 9 weeks of gestation, and most of the nonsurgical procedures can account for 17 to 20% of all abortions, according to Guttmacher Institute. Most women take the pills at clinics and in their homes, but now because of the new bill, it now mandates that a medical provider must have hospital privileges within 30mi of where the procedure is to take place. So in a nut shell you need to go to a hospital to take a pill or have a medical provider have hospital privileges within 30mi of a hospital.

Another factor that could contribute to the “shutdown” of medication abortions is that the law requires abortion pills to be administered using outdated protocols, confusing providers and obscuring proper use of the drugs.

While it becomes the seventh state to pass such legislation in the past two years, many Arizonans believe theirs is the most restrictive and sinister because of the degree to which it will legislate health care, thwart evidence-based medicine, and shame women. One in three women will have an abortion before age 45 according to Guttmacher, and more than half of those women already have a child.

As a woman we should have the right to decided when to have a child, and if we want to take the risk of having a child that may have a medical issues. I have a child, but it took several failed attempts with miscarriages and one ep-topic pregnancy to have him. If i was pregnant tomorrow or in a month and didn’t feel, that I could have the potential child, because it would cause physical, MENTAL, or health related risks. I WOULD ABORT THAT SHIT!!!

No female should be subject to keep a fetus if they do not want to. We do not live in each others bodies and should respect each others decisions on life. Ending a life is not an easy task, what works for you may not work for the next person.

– D

Arizona Abortion Law 2012


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