Mega Millions…… in a Million!

I’m sure many of us drive by the lotto boards and lately those of us that are not gambling people are thinking about the Mega Million Jackpot, who wouldn’t with 540mil on the line. Every time I drive by the board, I can’t help but wonder what I would do with all the mula. I would still work because I hate not feeling like a bump on the log. How many times can you take a vacation or shop. A job gives my life for now meaning. I would definitely pay of any debt I have, buy “a” house and pay taxes on it in advanced for several years, two new cars (VW) so my husband and I didn’t have to share one car, and most of all relax.

Thinking about the earnings is wishful thinking to say the least. The odds of me winning are stacked against me. I would have better luck in a Las Vegas Casino than winning the lotto. Would I buy a ticket? HELL YA! wouldn’t you?

So here are the crazy odds:

Consider this tip from the Forbes website: “Pick numbers between 32 and 56. They are no more likely to be picked than smaller numbers, but they are less likely to be shared. That’s because a lot of buyers play hunches that involve birthdays.”

But be prepared for disappointment. It’s likely that close to 620 million tickets will be sold nationwide for Friday’s ball drop, more than triple the number sold for Tuesday’s drawing. The winning ticket must have five numbers correct that can be selected from numerals between 1 and 56. The sixth, so-called Mega number, is chosen from the numbers 1 to 46.

That makes the odds against each individual ticket holder 176 million to 1, or, put another way, you are 176 times less likely to win the jackpot than you are to be struck by lightning. But there’s good news. Because the prize money has been carried over after each drawing, the potential value of your investment has improved. “If you like to buy lottery tickets,” Baldwin writes, “now is a good time.”

Good Luck!!!!

– D


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