The Voice all abou Xtina

I feel the same way about christina. Liked her last season but this season is alll about her and he boobs ( they’re so shiny!). I don’t like how she rolls her eyes at the contestants when they are clearly nervous. I know she can be sweet and some of the attitude maybe just for show. Celo cracks me up with his comments and that darn cat. Yes, he is the new mr. Evil 🙂 haha

Unabashedly Poetic

I am not much of a ‘Reality TV’ type of gal, but I do admit, I am a sucker for the singing and dancing shows (minus Dancing with the Stars, which I find unbearable). As the new seasons of shows like American Idol and The Voice begin their audition rounds and move into their first weeks of the actual competition, we see the judges at their best and their worst. The best, for example, being last week when Steven Tyler decided to take a dip in the pool surrounding their stage, and the worst being Christina Aguilera’s big mouth flapping in the wind over the rest of the judges on the panel. Now, I don’t mean to hate on Xtina, as she goes by these days, but I am just so disappointed in her as of late. Since the days of Genie in a Bottle and her immediate rise to…

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