Women’s Shoes

Glamour did a study on what men think about women’s shoes. Personally I wear my shoes for me. I love shoes!!

Here’s what the 90% of men had to say….

Brightly colored shoes get you noticed.

“She’s the first person on the dance floor.”

Makeup-color heels are always pretty.

“I dig the way her shoes match her lipstick. Her beauty sneaks up on you.”

I like bright-colored heels to highlight my top. I usually coordinate with my shoes first before i choose a top.

Super-trendy shoes can translate as costumey.

“Ninety percent certain this woman was thrust into the city via a time portal, suddenly teleported while training for the very first Greek Olympics.”

I do agree with this statement. 1 I could never where shoes like this because I am so short and 2 it looks like it should be Halloween. no matter how cool or in style these shoes are, there is a time and a place and everyday wear is not the time nor the place.

Your “commute shoes” can look out-of-place.

“Great job matching her cab, not so much her outfit.”

commute “shoes” should be comfortable they do not need to match your outfit. these shoes are for the purpose of being comfortable, although try making your commute shoes black or brown, so it doesn’t look totally  out-of-place.

Barely there sandals say “beach goddess.”

“She wishes she was on a Hawaiian vacation, but the park will have to do for now.”

These are spring/ summer shoes… not that wish we don’t want to be on vacation, but strappy sandals or fashion flip  flops are to complete the look of the out fit.

Socks + sexy pumps = identity crisis.

“The black heels are ‘downtown’ sophisticated, and the socks are schoolgirl cutesy. I’m confused.”

Again I will have to agree with this statement too. Who’s bright idea was it to wear socks with heels that are clearly meant to not be worn with socks. I get the whole school girl thing….which would be knee highs and Mary-janes flats or heels, but come on people socks with any high heel sandal?? 

Fashion-forward wedges spell fierce.

“She’s either from the funkiest village in Holland or owns her own paint-by-numbers shoe shop. Either way, this girl knows how to have a good time and isn’t afraid to tell you to your face.”

I love brightly colored shoes/ sandals. It’s fun to mix and match and bright shoes livens up any outfit.

It pains him to look at your sky-high pumps.

“Could that be her hand in the shoe? Maybe it is her hand in the shoe. Ankles just don’t bend that way.”

It pains him?!? I don’t think so…my hubby loves it when i wear shoes to accentuate my legs.

Your platforms aren’t your only platform.

There is a rule to how much platform before you start looking like you should be on a pole. Keep in mind if you are short like me, Platforms are a must. Make sure the shoe is tasteful and not made with cheep materials. my suggestion would be to have a platform of 3.5 or 4 inches max with an incline of 4 – 5 max. The platform is low enough to no look slutty when wearing with shorts/skirts.


Happy shoe hunting !!

– D


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