Be YourselfWe are…Imperfect. Flawed. Quirky. Most definitely…Weird. We are Bold. Experimental. Awkward. We are forever curious and addicted to Learning. Some might say we can be explosive while others call us Passionate. Most importantly…we are REAL. Authenticity is our anthem. Our loyalty is to the Truth.

We have been Disheartened. We have been Confused. We have been lured by Lies. We have acted out of Fear. We have been Abused. We have made Poor Choices. We have been Defensive. Hurt. Destroyed. But…we were Brave. We Fought. We Learned. We Let Go. We let go of everything we thought we knew. We gave up Control. We Submitted. We accepted Possibility as our guide. That moment was the Beginning. It was Magic. Beautiful. Sublime. Spiritual. This is our Human Experience. Welcome.

We are three sisters who grew up in the same home sharing the same experiences. Impressively, our individual perspectives would mold and shape our unique realities  into different life paths. Our divergent lives would occasionally overlap, as families often do but, would not truly converge again until now.  We commune over our discoveries, stories, thoughts, values, beliefs, and philosophical pondering. We journey together now, searching out a better way of life. Motivated by mutual intention, we are jointly exploring and identifying what aspects of life resonate with us. We inspire, embolden, and fortify each other in this adventure. Join us.


Tamara Bess LMFT Director of 2btru2you

It is with humble gratitude that we welcome Tamara Bess, LMFT on this expedition of self-actualization. We appreciate her willingness to share her hard earned wisdom and skills as a therapist. She has provided us with the knowledge and tools to be able to discern  the difference between fear based / victim thinking and empowered thinking. She has educated us on how to recognize these dynamics in friendships, working environments, families, and social groups as well as in romantic relationships. Tamara has assisted in teaching us how to reconnect to our intuitive selves so that we can trust our own judgment. We no longer feel compelled to rely on outside sources to know what is best for us. She has helped us develop the ability to run a “self diagnostic” when we are troubled. We are able to identify emotional pain as a que for our internal “warning system” and troubleshoot the source of our doubts or misgivings. The self-sufficiency this has provided us gives “living green” a whole new meaning.

2bSisters believes in giving back to the community we come from. We also believe in supporting others on the road to self discovery, healing, and awakening. Our humanitarian effort focuses on supporting the rehabilitation of Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse. As surviviors, 2bSisters has had the opportunity to consider what it means to be a victim of violence and abuse from the inside out. Between experience, education, and observation we have concluded for ourselves that DV is a symptom of a deeper problem, not the problem itself. We feel the root of why victims allow themselves to be abused is Victim Thinking.

While our primary focus is on shifting Victim Thinking to Empowered Thinking we compassionately understand that in the case of abuse victims, Domestic Violence must first be sufficiently and competently addressed. We are also aware of the tremendous amount of support and education needed to; heal the symptoms, relieve the weight of stress, soothe the pain of having allowed abuse and clear the fog of confusion and distraction. 2bSisters is also aware that our culture and social system are sorely inadequate in providing effective education and supportive programs to rehabilitate victims. Even worse is the gross lack of accessibility to therapy and ongoing support while victims heal. As Advocates for Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse, coming soon is a tab that contains a menu to help:

  • Educate families and friends on how to recognize abuse
  • Educate victims on how to recognize if they are being abused
  • Educate victims, families and friends and how to recognize abusers
  • Links to agencies that provide support
  • How to plan an Exit Strategy
  • Supportive material on how to heal
  • A link to Tamara to assist in healing from abuse, as well as, shifting from victim to empowered thinking for stable and sustainable change


As we share our thoughts, experiences, likes and dislikes it is never our intention to be offensive. However, we can’t please everyone and we won’t even try. That is thinking like a victim. As respectful as we are of diversity, some will still find what we share shocking, socially taboo, culturally rebellious, contrary to acceptable norms, and flat out defiant. We are aware we won’t always resonate well with others. We only ask that you alternatively choose to find reading material that is more suitable to your lifestyle and respect our exploration as different than your own. That said, consider with an open mind, it is the variety of the garden that gives it beauty. Even the thistle holds charm and allure.

While we may not be for everyone, out of respect for ourselves and our readers, 2bSisters pledges this:

  • We will not meet our needs at our own expense or the expense of others
  • We will not allow our readers to meet their needs at our expense
  • We will think for ourselves but will not sentence others to our conclusions
  • We will stand up for and defend our values, beliefs and convictions
  • We will remain willing to accept that our values, beliefs and convictions may change because of new introduction and analysis
  • We will remain open minded and flexible to concepts, cultures, societies and discoveries while maintaining the balance of our integrity, morals and ethics

We are all in this human experience together. 2bSisters is an aspect of that journey. Let’s have some fun!

That’s Empowered Thinking!!!



Special Note: 2bsisters is and advocate for DV
As individuals and as a society, if we are going to make a significant change in the prominence of Domestic Violence and Abuse in our social fabric, then we must attack the root problem…Victim Thinking.  Our resource site defines what victim thinking is, exposes its spectrum of manifestations from the subtle to the extreme.

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